Fine art techniques - oil painting, watercolour, drawing

Oil painting

My oil paintings are associated with abstract art but their titles are often connected to reality. I usually paint internal landscapes as seen, experienced, remembered and transformed by my mind. Memories and ideas shape my paintings and they respond passionately to the world around me. My art investigates emotional states by exploring archetypical conditions known from the dawn of humanity. I enjoy exposing the darker side of our nature as through contrast brighter days can be more appreciated. I seek to trigger a state of contemplative catharsis by absorbing a viewer in synthesised yet intense visual experience.


My watercolours are investigating details of art creation processes. Watercolours’ organic and fluid structure is a result of search for harmony between colours and shapes. Water as a vital element of the technique has also symbolic meaning to me. Complex life forms on our planet have been initiated in oceans depths and metaphorically water is a fluid of art to me, a place where things can materialise. This technique allows me to expose fine detail and lightness of lines. My hope is to make viewers ponder the fragility of life and infinity of possibilities it offers.


My drawings are result of letting my thoughts to flow in untamed way. They are often influenced by dreams, literary works, and observations. I let my hand to be naturally led by my mind. I sometimes switch hands while drawing just to trigger either an analytical or a creative part of my brain. The result is mixture of representational and abstract forms tied together in a surreal way. Drawings encourage a viewer to contemplate how an artist’s mind seeks the wholeness through bonding distant or illogical objects and subjects.