About the series of seascapes paintings

Oil paintings from the seascape series were inspired by walking trip in Dorset, around the Weymouth and Portland area.

Usually the horizon line divides sky and sea distinctively. The day which was an inspiration for the series was sunny, cloudless but misty. Mist covered vast areas and it was impossible to define distant shapes like this one of the sun or cliffs. A curtain of mist was shut on the horizon line. The sea and sky division was liquid and mist changed perception of a distance, bringing both sky and the sea closer to a viewer. It was as if the sea edge was curved and smudged together with sky. That walking trip sparked the necessity to create this series where I explore ideas of calmness, intimacy of open spaces and harmony.

As painting the series was evolving I sought to capture the whole experience of a day and night at the seaside where water and sky define the landscape.